X100T | Between Three Strange Beasts.

 Stereo, Glasgow

Stereo, Glasgow



'Load-in' and 'set-up' are strange beasts, moments in-between. Like Siamese twins, inseparable, together. One first, then the other. Followed by a third, older, wiser and more fully formed- 'soundcheck'. Triplets then, it is. There has been a journey of some sort, solo or with other band members, leading from home to there, to that club, to that venue. Sometimes short, near, down the road and round the corner. Sometimes longer, far, away. Finding the best route, the Google route, the right door, the parking space. A degree of stress. But excitement is usually there somewhere too. 

This time, having dealt with 'load-in', when all the gear has been transferred from bandwagon to venue belly, we wait around for her two older siblings, 'set-up' and 'soundcheck'. 'Set-up' is easily dealt with. We know her well. 


Tranquil and Calm

There's a moment of tranquil and calm with sometimes quite reflection. We're here. The anticipation of the gig ahead always there within. The dark, usually cold and almost empty venue still sleeping, recovering from the night before. Like us sometimes. Slowly the space awakes from its daytime slumber, one light at a time. A fan goes on, a door slams, one or two bar staff arrive and ease into work. Slowly if not surely... 

Singer lans on speaker contemplating the concert ahead

For further information about the band 'The Last September' please click here

All images in this blog post were taken with a Fujifilm X100T camera

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