The border between Scotland and England is a wild and barren place. It runs for 154km between the Solway Firth and Marshall Meadows Bay. There isn’t much in the way of people for a good distance on either side of it making it a kind of no-man’s-land. A large passing place and the food van mark the crossing point (this one at least). 


Hadrian's Wall is 2000 years old and runs 90 miles from the North Sea to the Atlantic Ocean. It was built to separate Britannia and Caledonia or, as Hadrian's biographer wrote, 'to separate the Romans from the barbarians' and is dotted with many stations and forts along its length.


Housesteads Roman Fort is one of the best preserved of the forts situated along Hadrian's wall. Great for a wander around and a few photos of old building works etc. 


Beside Housesteads Fort there is a great wee visitor centre full of relics from the period when the fort was occupied by the Romans. Fascinating stuff. 

Archie MacFarlane, The Royal Mile, Edinburgh, , EH8

Photographer and Designer based in Scotland.