Skye Live: Quiet Moments

Skye Live 1

A Look Back

Skye Live 2016 is almost upon us, bigger and better than ever, so here's a look back at a series of images from last year's event. Plenty of 'live' images of the various bands and musicians were also captured but those are for a different place other than this blog. The energy of the festival is deliberately absent in this series (and there was a lot of energy and great music). Instead, the quiet moments behind the scenes and after the event are shown, the stillness running parallel to the music, the beer, the crowd, the high spirits...

Skye Live 2015: The first 'Skye Live' festival was about to take place on Stron a' Mhill, better known locally as 'The Lump', a small hill with a man-made amphitheatre on top enshrouded in Scots Pine trees close to the centre of Portree. If you don't know, Portree is the ever expanding metropolis that is the capital of the Isle of Skye, an island just off Scotland's north-west coast and at one time centre of the universe. Well, my universe at least. Usually home to the Skye Highland Games, tonight 'The Lump' was playing host to some of Skye's finest bands and musicians and others from further afield.

Backstage with Peatbog Faeries

A series of photographs on a music festival without any band shots? Okay, I'll go half way - here are a few shots from back stage of local band Peatbog Faeries who were headlining the night in the big red marquee. They tour extensively and play concerts everywhere from Japan to Mexico but they hadn't played on home turf to a home crowd since 8 years so this gig was always going to be a special. Other local acts, including Niteworks and former Runrig singer Donnie Munro, were also on the bill earlier in the evening so the lineup really was local. And why not. 

Checkout Peatbog Faeries here and Skye Live here

All images taken with a Fujifilm X100T

Archie MacFarlane, The Royal Mile, Edinburgh, , EH8

Photographer and Designer based in Scotland.